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Philips Avent Bowl Small 6M+

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Product Description

Make your baby's first steps in eating healthy and beautiful, and add lots of fun and excitement through the Avent Bowl Small 6M+ children's dish from Philips Avent, which is characterized by its high efficiency, quality materials, ease of use, and beautiful design.

Features of Philips Avent Children's Dish:

  • An elegant and beautiful design that suits all children
  • The beautiful design and cheerful colors help attract the child's attention and encourage them to eat
  • The base of the dish is non-slip, which helps prevent any spills
  • It can be used with children over 6 months old
  • It has spoon-friendly sides that make it easy for the child to eat on their own
  • Made of durable and child-safe materials
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate different meals such as dinner, desserts, and more
  • Easy to clean after use, can also be washed in the dishwasher
  • Can be used in the microwave for heating food
  • Lightweight, making it easy to carry
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BrandsPhilips Avent
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