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native union belt lighting cable xl 3 m taupe

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Product Description

Say goodbye to wasting time trying to untangle your charging cable from the mess of wires in your bag and searching for the beginning and end of the cable among the wires you own. Those memories are now a thing of the past with the Native Union Belt Lightning Cable XL 3m Taupe. You no longer have to worry about tangled charging wires, as it comes with a genuine leather strap integrated with the cable to connect the cable together so it doesn't get tangled with other wires in your bag. The strap comes in an elegant brown color and won't fall off the cable as it is integrated into the outer body of the cable to remain secure. You can now charge your Apple devices and those that work with micro USB with one cable, which is equipped with an internal power adapter to send the appropriate amount of electricity to the device to help speed up charging and reduce waiting times. You can take it with you wherever you go and use it with any power source with ease because the internal adapter in the cable will quickly adjust the electricity to reach your device without damaging it. It is characterized by its elegant dark gray color with an outer body to protect the internal cable from damage, and it reaches a length of 3 meters so you can move more freely and place your phone in a suitable location. Get it now!

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8 Reviews

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