Mebashi Espresso Coffee Machine With Coffee Grinder ME-CCM2058B

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Professional Mebashi Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Coffee Grinder 3000W, 20 Bar, comes with a built-in LCD screen with 8 display units, and a high-pressure Italian pump with 20 Bar strength for extracting rich-flavored coffee. It features electric operation and additional features such as the integrated coffee grinder, making it perfect for coffee lovers looking for an easy-to-use experience.

Features of Mebashi Professional Espresso Coffee Machine with Integrated Coffee Grinder 3000W, 20 Bar:

  • The device is designed with a built-in LCD screen with 8 display units, allowing the user to easily monitor and control all functions.
  • The integrated screen provides an easy-to-read and interactive visual interface, enhancing the user experience.
  • The device features a high-pressure pump from Italy, ULKA type, with 20 Bar strength, contributing to better extraction of flavors from coffee beans. This pump provides optimal pressure for making espresso and ensures a professional coffee experience.
  • The device is equipped with a mold-casted pouring head, providing better control over the locking force and enhancing overall durability. The improved pouring head design contributes to better quality and stability of coffee extraction.
  • The device features a fine mesh that helps extract coffee with more foam, adding a special touch to the beverage. The mesh design contributes to achieving ideal conditions for extracting rich and creamy coffee.
  • The device offers an independent hot water outlet that can be adjusted to reach a temperature of up to 85 degrees Celsius. This feature makes preparing American coffee easier and more flexible, meeting the diverse needs of coffee lovers.
  • The device operates with a power ranging from 2650 to 3000W and works on an electrical voltage of 220 to 240 volts with a frequency of 50-60 Hz. The electrical design contributes to achieving stable performance and energy efficiency.
  • The device can be easily installed on marble or ceramic, making it suitable for use on tables or suitable surfaces. The compact design provides a practical solution for daily use without the need for complex installation.
ماكينة اسبريسو احترافية ميباشي 20 بار


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