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Green Lion G-80 600ml Black 9 in 1 Coffee Maker Set

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Product Description

Specialized Coffee Bag V60 Green Lion G-80 9 in 1 Coffee Maker Set, enjoy preparing and serving V60 coffee in a distinctive way to visitors with the specialized coffee tools bag. The V60 coffee kettle set has everything you need to get a professional cup of coffee at home or work. This set provides you with all the coffee accessories to taste the drip coffee experience; thanks to the manual brewing method, you have full control over the brewing and temperature, so your coffee is prepared exactly the way you want it.

The specialized V60 coffee bag is a set of 8 pieces, consisting of:

  • Coffee pot with a capacity of 600 milliliters: Perfect addition for preparing your morning coffee or enjoying your favorite coffee at any time of the day.
  • Manual coffee grinder: An essential tool for grinding coffee beans as needed, giving you fresh taste and aroma in every cup.
  • Coffee scale: Helps you measure the optimal amount of coffee and time the process for perfect preparation.
  • Coffee filter for the drip coffee pot, 40 pieces: An essential accessory for excellent coffee preparation and preventing residue leakage.
  • 2 glass cups: Adds an aesthetic and elegant touch to serving coffee during relaxation or quiet conversations.


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