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مصباح كشاف Geepas LED Flood Light 100W - Water Proof Body | 8000 Lumens & 6500K |

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Would you like to update your home/office security features? Do you want to find an easy and reliable way to improve the safety of your office, home or garden? Geepas offers the best and most practical LED floodlight! 150W Bright is enough to turn night into day and keep your home or business safe. Broadened and thickened bracket, attach your reflector firmly and reliably to the wall. IP66 waterproof, the rain cover of this light protects you and even shows excellent performance in humid places As a result, the light remains sharp even when it rains to ensure a crystal clear view. No radiation, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.It is very suitable for garden, patio, patio, gutter, billboard, landscape, park, roofs, gyms, buildings, streets, streets, squares, factories, street. , Street, soccer field, public place, playground and also perfect for commercial use. It is very durable with 20000 hours of led life, saving money and avoiding frequent changes.

ENERGY SAVING - Each 100 W LED emergency light can replace a conventional 600 W halogen lamp and save 80% of the electricity costs for lighting. 120° beam angle, shadowless and glare-free, ensures efficient lighting of your living area outdoors and offers additional security for your home.

ADJUSTABLE BRACKET - This 150W outdoor LED spotlight can be adjusted at 180° to meet different lighting needs and fits with a threaded mount. The reflector is made of high-quality heat dissipation materials with a fin-type design heat sink on the back for heat dissipation to extend the service life of the LEDs.

CRI 80Ra - The CRI of this LED floodlight for outdoor use with 100 W to 80+ restores the true colour of objects. This reflector is more suitable for lighting billboards, storing signs, and meeting the high lighting requirements of customers. It can also be used anywhere as it gives a perfect 100 as the colours under the source. The light appears the same as in natural sunlight.

100% IP66 WATERPROOF& DURABLE - Geepas LED floodlight with special IP-66 technology ensures 100% waterproof, dustproof. Made of high-quality material housing and tempered glass, whether it is rain sleet or snow, durable enough to withstand any harsh environment.

WIDELY APPLICABLE - Geepas LED floodlights to provide perfect ambient lighting for most interior and exterior courtyards, patios, gardens, playgrounds, shop merchandising, basketball courts, factories, parks, plazas, pubs, hotels and warehouses. Fits your required need for long term use.
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