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Portable Inflatable Igloo Dome Tent

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Product Description

Portable Inflatable Igloo Dome Tent is a mobile Eagle air tent for the yard, perfect for indoor and outdoor events. It features quality stitching and nylon tarpaulin, providing excellent stability. It is an excellent choice for marketing events, workshops, artistic and entertainment events.

Features of Portable Inflatable Igloo Dome Tent:

  • This air tent comes with dimensions of 20 feet in length (equivalent to 6 meters), 11 feet and 5 inches in width (3.5 meters), and 10 feet in height (3 meters). These dimensions make it suitable for various indoor and outdoor uses, providing ample space for different events and presentations. This ideal size meets the needs and requirements of various events, adding versatility and flexibility in usage.
  • This tent is double-stitched internally and externally to ensure strength and durability, with pressure and joint points reinforced by quadruple stitching. To enhance the tent's stability, reinforced nylon strips are used for anchoring at the bottom and top. It also has sufficient zipper outlets to allow quick and effective air inflow and outflow, making the process of inflation and deflation quick and easy.
  • It is an ideal option for various events, whether indoor or outdoor, such as product launches, events, and exhibitions. It is easy and quick to inflate, adding a prominent and distinctive touch to the event, taking it to an exceptional level beyond expectations.
  • This tent is manufactured using the best types of nylon coated with polyvinyl chloride, ensuring durable quality and high resistance to different usage conditions.
  • This inflatable tent is a unique and suitable air structure for marketing events, exhibition booths, workshops, or group presentations, providing a unique and prominent space for any activity.


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