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Palermo Food Warmer FW-13 6L

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Palermo 6 Liter Food Warmer and Thermal Food Container FW-13, Palermo FW13 food warmers and heaters represent a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. They come with a unique multi-purpose design made of high-quality materials such as treated steel, keeping the food hot for long periods and featuring easy use and cleaning. The attractive colors and modern design add a touch of elegance to food presentation at various occasions.

Features of Palermo 6 Liter Food Warmer and Thermal Food Container FW-13:

  • These containers excel in effectively preserving heat, keeping the food hot for long periods.
  • With a capacity of 6 liters, they are suitable for large tables and have a unique design that suits various uses.
  • Made of treated external steel coated with resistant colors, with a steel and glass container and lid that are food-safe, and featuring a modern design.
  • Suitable for use in food buffets, where they can be used as a heater and to keep the food hot, and are also perfect for elegant food presentation on tables and party buffets.
  • Hot food can be placed in the container and the lower heating candle can be lit, then the lid can be closed or placed on the stand.
  • They keep the food hot for many hours, featuring an elegant and modern design suitable for various places and occasions.
  • Made of the finest types of stainless steel and free from harmful substances, ensuring health and durability.
  • Equipped with multiple insulation layers and a tightly sealed lid to prevent heat dispersion, effectively maintaining the temperature.
  • They come in a variety of attractive colors that suit all tastes, with shiny glass and a unique lid holder.
  • They have a lower heating candle to maintain the food's warmth, making them a safe and practical choice.


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