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Taktik Kids Ride On Jeep 4*4 Heavy Duty Super Jeep

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Product Description

Large Electric Kids Jeep Ride-On Car 12V with Remote Control Taktik Kids Ride On Car 4*4 Heavy Duty Super Jeep, a modern-designed children's ride-on car that offers a unique driving experience with exciting features like LED lights, advanced sound system, and luxurious design. With a powerful battery and effective suspension system, this car is the perfect gift for children.

Features of Large Electric Kids Jeep Ride-On Car 12V with Remote Control Taktik Kids Ride On Car 4*4 Heavy Duty Super Jeep:

  • The children's ride-on car provides a unique and enjoyable experience for young ones, with a range of innovative and exciting features. The heavy-duty 4x4 Jeep is characterized by a bold and large design, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.
  • It allows children to ride it easily on various surfaces such as flat ground, asphalt roads, beach, and grass. It combines power and performance on rough and flat roads, allowing kids to discover more adventures.
  • Equipped with a 12V/10AH battery, it allows children to enjoy a long and fun-filled driving experience. The rechargeable and dual battery enhances the fun and sustainability.
  • The new design of this car showcases realistic and stylish details, with LED lights and an advanced sound system. The decor has a special appeal that mimics large Jeep cars for a realistic driving experience.
  • Manual and remote control operation: It offers two modes of operation, allowing children to use the pedal for a real driving experience or remote control with the included device. This allows parents to control the direction of movement and set the speed through 3 variable modes.
  • It relies on a four-wheel suspension system to reduce shocks and ensure smooth driving even on uneven terrains. The doors are openable and closable to facilitate children's entry and exit, and the corrosion-resistant wheels allow children to drive on various surfaces.
  • The electric car comes with a speed of 3-5 km/h, providing an ideal experience for children who want to enjoy a unique and fun adventure.
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