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GPO Retro gpo winchester radio player

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Product Description

Do you enjoy listening to the radio during your free time, work, or whenever you want? Let me introduce you to the features of this radio that will definitely suit your needs. Let's start with the design of the radio, which is designed in the shape of a wooden box with its unique brown color and a shiny gold strip at the top and bottom of the device, making it an ideal decorative piece for many places at home and work. As for the size of the radio, it comes in a small size with a sleek design, has rubber bases that prevent it from slipping and moving from its place, and is equipped with speakers louder than any other radio with a 25-watt output, which gives you a strong and clear sound at the same time, with a sound control unit to get your own enjoyment while listening to your favorite program on the radio. As for wave control, the built-in control unit in the radio is very powerful, works with extreme precision to maintain signal strength without interference or disturbance, also equipped with a backlight inside the wave indicator that makes the scene wonderful with colored lighting in the dark, with the on/off button on the side of the device in an elegant way, own this practical work of art now.

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10 Reviews

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