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GPO Retro gpo chesterton vinyl record player

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Product Description

After owning this device, you will have combined the past and present together in the world of music. Whatever your taste is, classical music, modern music, or contemporary music, you have found your solution. GPO Retro GPO Chesterton Vinyl Record Player offers a multi-purpose vinyl record player in a beautiful wooden box design. Let's discover the features of the device together. Under the wooden cover, there is a three-speed vinyl turntable with a control button for the playback speed. You can record vinyl records and listen to them directly through the latest built-in speakers with high-quality sound clarity. It also has the ability to play CDs easily for your favorite artist. If you are a fan of listening to radio waves and following the news in the morning, it offers you an MP3 player and radio together to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with the most beautiful melodies. It also has 2 sockets, one Aux in to connect all types of speakers and Aux out to connect headphones. It is compatible with all types of external speakers, including GPO Retro and Westwood, with normal and large sizes. You can also play your own music from USB and record your favorite songs with one click. Order now.

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25 Reviews

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