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GPO Retro gpo ambassador vinyl record player cream tan

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The Music Bag, that's what you'll call it when you lay your eyes on it, and this is one of its most important features, as you can carry it with you on your long trips or while hiking with your family and no one will notice it among the bags, as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Let's continue with the rest of the features, the GPO Retro GPO Ambassador Vinyl Record Player Cream Tan comes in an attractive design, in the shape of a real bag that contains the world of music in your hands, designed with an elegant finish in two colors, brown and cream. Get a clear and attractive sound with the stereo speakers provided with the device with a power of 3 watts to enjoy. It is also equipped with an automatic stop after the end of the disc, so there is no need to worry about your recordings anymore. You can record all your favorite songs that have special memories with you with just one click to carry and listen to them wherever you go with the disc player. The portable vinyl disc player from GPO Retro also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, where you can play your favorite songs from your mobile phone through the player's speakers with high quality. With a rechargeable battery that takes up to two and a half hours of charging for hours of happiness, to give you the freedom of movement wherever you want without the hassle of carrying your music device with you. It is also equipped with a USB port that allows you to record all your favorite recordings and listen to them again with ease, just insert the flash memory and start playing. Order now.

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6 Reviews

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