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GPO Retro gpo ambassador rydell four band radio player

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Product Description

Introducing the best portable radio device from GPO Retro, the Rydell radio player in distinctive black color. The radio is designed in a sleek, compact shape, allowing you to carry it wherever you go on family trips, while having breakfast in the morning in your home garden, or amidst the green nature. The radio body is made of break-resistant plastic, in addition to a long handle made of metal and covered with reinforced plastic in a streamlined shape to help you carry it anywhere you go. It also has a wave disk to easily and quickly adjust your favorite radio wave. The Rydell radio player operates on four different waves: FM, SW, LW, and MW, allowing you to tune in to any desired frequency. It also features a high-quality speaker that maintains the clarity of the sound emitted from the radio comfortably to the ear. The radio is powered by connecting it to electricity or external batteries, and it requires six batteries at once, which are not included with the device. Get the device and enjoy the freedom of movement wherever you go with it, as it is your best friend abroad. Available in several colors: black, brown, and cream. Order now.

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14 Reviews

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