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Product Description

Nothing Buds Bluetooth Headset CMF by Nothing Buds, the CMF Buds earphones are an innovative product that provides an exceptional audio experience, effectively blocking noise and delivering clear and deep sound with high-quality technologies such as Ultra Bass Technology 2.0 and Dirac Opteo, in addition to audio enhancement, noise reduction, and easy charging management technologies, making it an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts seeking quality and comfort.

Features of Nothing Buds Bluetooth Headset CMF by Nothing Buds Bluetooth Headset:

  • With a depth of up to 42 decibels and a frequency range of up to 2900 hertz, CMF Buds earphones have the ability to block unwanted noise.
  • CMF Buds are crafted with enhanced audio components and Ultra Bass Technology 2.0, providing you with a true-to-life audio experience professionally tuned by Dirac Opteo.
  • Experience real-time bass enhancements with music signal detection, now with a five-level adjustable feature in the Nothing X app. Fine-tune your sound with bass and treble adjustments.
  • Dirac Opteo digitally enhances sound based on patented correction technology - delivering rich and immersive audio.
  • CMF Buds are built with an optimized channel structure featuring two holes at the bottom to reduce wind interference. Wind enters from one side and exits from the other, effectively preventing swirl formation and improving wind noise resistance. In addition to advanced wind noise reduction algorithms to enhance call clarity and your listening experience.
  • With 4 high-precision microphones and clear sound technology, CMF Buds can isolate background noise in real-time, making phone calls as clear as face-to-face conversations.


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