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Product Description

Apple Vision Pro American version glasses, a device that uses the visionOS operating system based on years of innovation in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms. The interface comes in a revolutionary 3D way, allowing users to interact using their eyes, hands, and voice. With compatibility with millions of iOS and iPadOS apps, high-resolution screens, and amazing entertainment experiences, Apple Vision Pro offers a new revolution in personal computing.

Features of Apple Vision Pro American version glasses:

  • Apple Vision Pro provides you with an infinite workspace, where you can arrange apps anywhere and zoom them to the perfect size, making your dream workspace a reality without losing connection to the world around you.
  • Vision Pro can turn any room into your personal theater. Expand your movies, shows, and games to the perfect size and feel like you're part of the event with spatial sound.
  • Vision Pro is Apple's first 3D camera, allowing you to capture magical 3D spatial photos and videos. Your current library of photos and videos appears stunningly on a magnificent scale, surrounding you in a panorama, making you feel like you're standing where those photos were taken.
  • Interface: A unique piece of 3D-shaped glass with an aluminum frame that wraps around your face.
  • External battery support for up to 2 hours of general use and up to 2.5 hours of video playback.
  • High-performance eye tracking system uses optical LEDs and infrared cameras to direct invisible light patterns to each eye.
  • Sensor array: A pair of high-resolution cameras that transmit over a billion pixels per second to the screens to enable clear vision of the world around you.
  • New R1 chip: Designed to process camera inputs, sensors, and microphones, and transfer images to the screens within 12 milliseconds - for ultra-fast, real-time display of the world around you.
  • Apple Vision Pro is based on the visionOS operating system, which is built on years of engineering innovation in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.
  • Sensory touches allow simple interaction with apps by looking at them, pressing with fingers to select, swiping the wrist to scroll, or using a virtual keyboard or voice dictation.
  • Vision Pro allows apps to appear side by side at any scale, providing a final workspace and creating an infinite base for multitasking and collaboration.
  • Vision Pro features high-resolution screens that provide more pixels than a 4K TV per eye, allowing users to watch movies and TV shows with a big-screen-like experience.
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3 Reviews

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