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Fairywill Oral Care Combo

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Product Description

Fairywill Oral Care Combo

Fairywill Oral Care Combo

The Fairywill Oral Care Combo includes a water flosser and a battery-powered toothbrush that are of high quality, efficient, and stylishly designed. The toothbrush provides an ideal user experience by offering multiple modes for cleaning your teeth and choosing the appropriate position. The comfortable and comprehensive tooth cleaner helps to clean the mouth and remove food debris from between the teeth and gums, reaching difficult and hidden areas with ease and effectiveness.

Features of Fairywill Oral Care Combo:

  • Both the water flosser and the battery-powered toothbrush are environmentally friendly and contain powerful lithium batteries that require a full 4-hour charge and can be used continuously for approximately 30 days.
  • 5 high-performance modes that are suitable for different tooth and gum conditions.
  • With advanced pulse technology, the Fariywill tooth cleaner has three cleaning modes with a low noise design that can remove food debris and stains on the teeth, help treat bad breath, and also benefit from support and bridge care.
  • The large 300ml water tank provides sufficient and uninterrupted cleaning. The Fairywill system reliably prevents water leakage, can be used while bathing, and is washable and easy to clean.

Fairywill Oral Care Combo Specifications:

Water Flosser:
  • PX7 waterproof rating
  • Tooth cleaner power: 5 watts
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Water battery life: 21 days per charge
  • Water flosser tank capacity: 300ml / 10.0 ounces
  • Water flosser pressure range: 30-100psi
  • Water flosser battery capacity: 1400mAh
  • Toothbrush power source: DC3.7V
  • Toothbrush material: ABS / TPE
  • Toothbrush bristle material: Dupont Nylon
  • Toothbrush power consumption: 1.0 watt
  • Toothbrush operating temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Toothbrush waterproof rating: IPX7


571 Reviews

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