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Synco Vlogger Kit 1

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Product Description

Start your content creation journey with greater ease and be prepared for any potential challenges with the Synco - Vlogger Kit 1 mobile tripod set. This set includes an LED light, tripod, and wired microphone, providing you with everything you need to start your journey. The high-sensitivity microphone, elegant colored light with adjustable brightness, professional phone mounting base, and much more are all included.

Features of the mobile tripod set with LED light and wired microphone:

  • All parts are manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure the desired long lifespan.
  • The small wired microphone has high sensitivity of up to -40 decibels, providing clear audio that meets all your needs.
  • This mobile tripod design allows you to conveniently and securely use all accessories at once.
  • The portable LED light allows you to control its temperature within the range of 2700-6500K, as well as adjust the brightness from 0-100%, giving you over 95 color gradients.
  • The portable LED flashlight battery has a longer lifespan thanks to its capacity of up to 2100 milliampere.
  • Microphone springs are used to secure the microphone and prevent any vibrations that may affect sound quality.
  • The small mobile tripod has a unique design that allows you to professionally carry all the pieces, compatible with various smartphones.
  • The small rotating mobile tripod base allows you to capture footage at a 360-degree angle.


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