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Crony DVR KIT 8ch Full HD Outdoor Waterproof Camera DVR Kit Combo Cctv Camera Kit

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Product Description

Crony surveillance cameras represent a suitable option for anyone looking for security monitoring for outdoor areas. These cameras are characterized by their network support, the ability to record high-quality videos, as well as their sturdy and elegant structure. A surveillance camera kit consisting of 8 waterproof and dustproof cameras and a DVR device.

Features of 8-camera surveillance kit with DVR:

  • The cameras use a 2.7/1-inch Silicon S291 sensor that achieves high image quality.
  • The lens has a 3.6mm aperture and an F1.2 aperture.
  • Viewing angles: Horizontal 86.5-112.7 degrees Celsius, Vertical 44.1-60.1 degrees Celsius, rotates 360 degrees, and tilts up to 90 degrees.
  • The shutter controls the lens opening and closing speed from 1/50(1/60) second to 1/10000 second.
  • The minimum required illumination for camera operation in color is 0.01Lux, and in black and white is 0.001Lux.
  • The lens supports C/CS interface and optional M12 lens.
  • LED lighting with PWM support allows controlling and adjusting the intensity of the light as needed.
  • Supports video resolution of 1920×1080 in PAL/NTSC system, with power consumption less than 10 watts.
  • Night vision is automatically turned on and off through IR ON/OFF technology.
  • The 850nm wavelength indicates the range of radiation used for night vision.
  • The camera can operate 4 channels at 1080P or 720P resolution at 25 frames per second.
  • Uses Linux operating system and can connect and record different types of cameras.
  • Includes a 1080P HDMI port for connecting the camera to other display devices.
  • In addition to a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for connecting the camera to the network.
  • Supported network protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, SMTP.
  • Surveillance cameras use H.265 compression format to reduce video size and record at 1080P or 720P resolution at 25 frames per second.
  • Real-time operation of 4 directions is possible.
  • Supports web browsers, mobile applications for IOS and Android systems, and VMS software.
  • Video can be stored on a hard disk via USB.

Specifications of surveillance camera kit:

  • Power: Less than 20 watts.
  • Voltage: 12V DC 5A.
  • Operating temperature: -20-60 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: Less than 95%RH.
  • Ingress protection: IP66.
  • Dimensions: 290×180×332 mm.
  • Weight: 14.25 kg.
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