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Newyes Scan Reader Pen 4 - a Multifunctional Translator

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Product Description

Instant Translation and Smart Newyes Scan Reader Pen 4 Multifunctional Translator with Built-in ChatGPT, providing real-time translation between 112 different languages. It features a dialogue display screen for verification and a high-resolution camera that allows users to capture and accurately translate text from images. It also includes the built-in ChatGPT, which can answer questions and assist users with tasks. It can also recognize printed text on a variety of surfaces and materials. The device comes with a scanning pen, storage bag, USB-C cable, user guide, and packaging.

Features of the Instant Translation and Smart Newyes Scan Reader Pen 4:

  • Speech Translation: It can translate speech in 112 languages and help you communicate with people who speak different native languages. The screen can display the dialogue for your verification.
  • Text Translation: It can scan and translate 55 languages into 112 languages. It can translate not only phrases but also paragraphs.
  • Image Translation: The device has a built-in 500-megapixel camera, allowing users to quickly capture images and translate text accurately from the image.
  • Includes built-in ChatGPT: Ask the device and it will provide answers! It can converse with you, answer your questions, and assist you with tasks.
  • Assistance for Learning Difficulties: Reading is automatically highlighted word by word during reading (reading speed and pause can be adjusted).
  • Built-in Dictionaries: It includes Collins English Dictionary and FLTRP English-Chinese Dictionary.
  • Hover the scanning pen over the text and the written text will appear on the screen instantly! Amazingly, no additional software is required. You can also get the scanned text on your phone, tablet, or computer at the same time! Additionally, you can translate the scanned content into 112 languages with just one click and export it to txt/doc/pdf format!
  • Recognizes all types of materials: It can recognize printed text on a variety of surfaces, including books, packages, plastic bottles, wooden products, fabrics, metal products, mobile phone screens, and other electronic screens, etc.
  • Instantly highlights the scanned word, displays the definition while reading it aloud, and improves word recognition and speech processing.
  • Text-to-Speech and Translation: Scan after selecting the desired language, and it can translate and read for you. It supports 55 languages online and 19 languages offline.
  • Voice Translation: Real-time voice translation when connected to Wi-Fi, enabling barrier-free communication in 112 languages, which is essential for work and travel abroad.
  • Recording: Use the Voice Recorder to save audio for later review.
  • User-Friendly Settings: Large 3.99-inch touch screen with multi-line display.


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