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FIIL Key Pro True Wireless Earbud Active Noise Reduction Bluetooth 5.4 Earphones Bluetooth High Sound Quality

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Product Description

FIIL Key Pro True Wireless Earbud Earphones Bluetooth 5.4, wireless earphones from FIIL Key equipped with active noise cancellation technology, supporting Bluetooth 5.4 and delivering high-quality sound. These earphones excel at active noise cancellation, allowing for the isolation of unwanted sounds and providing a peaceful and enjoyable listening experience. Additionally, these earphones offer a high-quality sound that provides a clear and immersive listening experience.

Features of FIIL Key Pro True Wireless Earbud Active Noise Reduction Bluetooth 5.4 Earphones Bluetooth High Sound Quality

  • FIIL Key wireless Earphones Bluetooth come with advanced features that enhance your listening experience. With Bluetooth 5.4, these earphones provide improved and reliable connectivity with your devices. Multi-point Bluetooth technology allows you to seamlessly switch between different devices without the hassle of repairing.
  • Regarding music decoding, the earphones support AAC and SBC formats, ensuring clear and accurate music delivery. The charging times for these earphones are notably fast, taking approximately 60 minutes for a single earphone and around 100 minutes for the charging case to fully charge.
  • As for battery life, the earphone shines exceptionally. When active noise cancellation (ANC) is turned off, you can enjoy up to approximately 6.5 hours of music playback. For calls, the earphones offer around 3 hours of usage. The charging case adds extra convenience by providing about 4 additional full charges while on the go.
  • The Earphones Bluetooth features 40 dB noise cancellation, effectively isolating you from your surroundings for a truly immersive listening experience. With a 10.1 mm speaker driver size, the earphones ensure rich and dynamic sound. The speaker frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, capturing the low and high sounds of your music.
  • With an IPX5 water resistance rating, these earphones are designed to withstand sweat and light rain, making them suitable for sports and outdoor activities. They operate within a temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature range of -30 to 70 degrees Celsius, enabling them to perform in various conditions.
  • The touch controls provide easy and flexible switching between different modes, with support for low-latency touch.
Conclusion: Ready to transform your daily audio experience? The FIIL Key Pro Earphones Bluetooth 5.4 awaits you. With fast charging, extended battery life, and exceptional noise cancellation, your listening sessions will never be the same. Don't wait! Upgrade to the unmatched clarity and comfort of FIIL Key Pro. Click here to experience the future of sound.


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