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Modio MK06 Smartwatch For Children

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Product Description

Modio MK06 Smartwatch For Children with GPS tracking feature ensures constant communication with your kids while they play outside. It allows you to locate, call, and record your child's location in real-time. When children play in the park or with their friends, it's essential for parents to maintain continuous communication with them and know their location in real-time.

Features of Modio MK06 Smartwatch For Children:

  • GPS tracking feature enables you to communicate with your kids when they play outside by locating, calling, and recording their location.
  • Not only does it allow better communication with children, but it also enables them to play and learn as it contains an integrated math game.
  • Find the watch if it's not nearby by sending a command, and the watch will start ringing for one minute to help you easily locate it.
  • SOS button for emergency situations, press the SOS button that sends an emergency message to the guardian.
  • Remote monitoring allows parents to know the child's status and the surrounding real-time monitoring equipment.
  • 1.44-inch touch screen, strong and anti-drop, with a colorful display.
  • Contact set up to 10 phone numbers allowed to call the watch.
  • Internal call allows for voice conversations between the watch and the app.
  • The map displays the watch's location in real-time.

Specifications of Modio MK06 Smartwatch For Children:

  • Comfortable silicone strap.
  • Time display.
  • Camera support.
  • Flashlight support.
  • Call and receive calls support.
  • 400mAh battery.
  • USB charging port.


100 Reviews

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