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Proform Elliptical Endurance 420 E

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Product Description

Proform Elliptical Endurance 420-E is a sturdy and durable stationary exercise bike that ensures stability during workouts and can withstand daily use for long periods. It features a user-friendly interface and a display that provides exercise information, helping users track their progress during workouts.

Features of Proform Elliptical Endurance 420-E:

  • Comfortable handles: It has cushioned hand grips that provide comfort during exercise and help prevent slipping during movement.
  • Adjustable resistance: It allows users to easily adjust the resistance level to determine the appropriate difficulty level and adapt the exercise according to their personal fitness level.
  • You can increase your physical activity and enjoy a fun and dynamic fitness experience.
  • You can use a wide range of training videos with iFIT workouts.
  • Whether you have your own equipment or not, you can still exercise and burn calories. With iFIT, your home becomes the headquarters of your health.
  • Perform multiple tasks during exercise. The tablet holder keeps your tablet close and secure, so you can easily access all your training and entertainment materials.
  • With 16 adjustable resistance levels, you can adjust the intensity of the workout to achieve your fitness goals.


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