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Tommee Tippee - Baby Food Steamer Blender & Weaning Kit

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Product Description

Transform your baby feeding routine with Tommee Tippee's Baby Food Steamer Blender & Weaning Kit. This kit includes a steaming and blending device, a small food processor, and plastic freezer containers that make it easy to store frozen food.

What's included in the Baby Food Steamer Blender & Weaning Kit:

  • A steaming and blending device
  • A weaning kit

Features of the Baby Food Steamer Blender & Weaning Kit:

  • A durable plastic frame with a simple design that fits all kitchens
  • A total capacity of up to 200g
  • A steaming feature suitable for vegetables, fruits, and even meats
  • A water tank for collecting water to be used for steaming later
  • The ability to adjust steam levels to suit different foods
  • A built-in steaming bowl
  • A larger bowl for blending cooked food or mixing different flavors
  • Blades that allow for quick and thorough food blending
  • The ability to adjust mixing speed to different levels
  • A simple digital screen that displays cooking or mixing details
  • A plastic bowl with an easy-to-carry handle
  • A side spout for smooth pouring without the need for additional accessories
  • A cooking system designed for weaning babies or older children
  • A feeding kit made of a lightweight plastic and silicone blend that is suitable for children
  • A silicone bib that ensures perfect coverage for your child
  • The ability to adjust the neck diameter to different levels to suit different stages of your child's growth
  • A lower collection tank for collecting spilled food and liquids, thus reducing mess
  • A good-sized drinking cup with a top drinking hole
  • Carrying handles for the cup for easier handling
  • A top cover for the cup to prevent the drinking hole from getting dirty and for easier storage
  • Two long-handled spoons with a suitable capacity for children
  • Smooth edges on the spoon to prevent tooth or gum injury
  • An easy-to-carry handle for better spoon control
  • A large food bowl with raised edges to reduce the likelihood of spills
  • A small food storage bowl with a tight-fitting lid
  • The kit is free of the harmful BPA material for your child's health


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