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CRONY FC-8143T Face And Fingerprint Attendance Fingerprint Remote Door App to Open The Door Software Management Time

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Product Description

Finger and Face Employee Biometric Device Crony Face And Fingerprint Attendance is a fingerprint device that comes with a mobile application for remote door unlocking. The device features the ability to record attendance and departure using fingerprint and face recognition, providing a high level of security. The device includes advanced time management software for data analysis and attendance management facilitation.

Features of Crony Face And Fingerprint Attendance:

  • It is an independent access control system using face and fingerprint recognition technology. This system is an economical solution for users in need of a fingerprint and face recognition device.
  • All settings can be easily adjusted through software thanks to the presence of a screen and TCP connection.
  • It features the latest fingerprint algorithm, providing unmatched matching speed and performance.
  • It is a modern system used by most companies to accurately and easily record employee attendance and departure.
  • It can store up to 3000 fingerprint records.
  • User identification is done in less than a second.
  • It has a built-in reader for 125 kHz proximity technology (RFID) to facilitate identity verification.
  • The fingerprint door opener device comes with a dedicated application that can be used on a smartphone for remote door unlocking.
  • The device operates with special management software that allows easy monitoring and analysis of attendance and departure data.
  • It relies on face and fingerprint recognition technology to achieve high security and accuracy in attendance recording. Employees can use their fingerprint or direct their face towards the device for easy and fast attendance recording. The recorded data is securely stored and encrypted in the device.
  • Thanks to the accompanying application, users can remotely unlock doors using their smartphones, providing additional convenience and reducing the need for traditional keys. The application can also be used to manage and adjust device settings and download attendance and departure reports.
  • In general, it is an integrated device that provides a comprehensive solution for reliable and efficient employee attendance and departure management, utilizing face and fingerprint recognition technologies and mobile phone applications to achieve high security and convenience.
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