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Green Lion Makeup Fridge Temperature Control Quiet Mode Professional Organization Keep Fresh & Dry

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Product Description

Green Lion Makeup Fridge With Temperature Control, a 12-liter, 42-watt makeup fridge by Green Lion, provides an ideal environment for your makeup products. It allows temperature control to keep your products fresh and dry. It operates silently and helps you organize your essentials professionally.

Features of Green Lion Makeup Fridge Temperature Control Quiet Mode Professional Organization Keep Fresh & Dry:

Designed with a balance of power and portability, making it easy to transport. Efficiently operates at 42 watts, ensuring optimal cooling without excessive energy consumption. Its sleek dimensions make it a versatile addition to your space, seamlessly fitting into various corners of your home. Comes with a 1.2-meter power cable, providing flexibility in placing the fridge wherever suits you. Temperature control: A feature designed to meet the diverse requirements of different products. Through innovative techniques, the fridge actively resists the growth of harmful bacteria, enhancing the lifespan of your products. The interior design is optimized to accommodate various products in terms of size and type, allowing you to keep your collection organized. The fridge ensures your products remain moisture-free, preserving their freshness over time. Removable shelves and drawers: Customize the interior space to suit your needs, easily accommodating products of different sizes. Dual-door design: An elegant and functional design that provides easy access while minimizing temperature fluctuations. Specially designed for storing makeup and skincare products, this fridge offers a complete addition to your beauty routine. Green Lion Makeup Fridge is equipped with a unique ability to maintain a consistently low temperature, the fridge ensures your products stay cool and fresh, prolonging their lifespan. With a generous capacity of 12 liters, the fridge provides ample space to accommodate a variety of cosmetic products. Comes in a modern and simple design, easily blending with your home decor. It features a sturdy handle for easy transportation. The fridge offers three distinct modes to accommodate different scenarios - from smart continuous temperature mode to energy-saving mode and silent mode.

Specifications of Green Lion Makeup Fridge With Temperature Control:

Net Weight: 4.6 kg Gross Weight: 6.4 lbs Power: 42 watts Product Size: 270 × 251 × 424 mm Voltage: DC12V with 100-240V, 50/60Hz adapter Power Cable: 1.2 meters


In conclusion, the Green Lion Makeup Fridge is more than just a storage solution; it's a commitment to preserving the integrity of your beauty products. With its smart temperature control, elegant design, and silent mode, it's an essential addition to your beauty regimen. Don't wait to transform your makeup experience. Order your Makeup Fridge today and step into a world of organized, fresh beauty.
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