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Anker 767 Portable Power Station 2048Wh

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Anker 767 Portable Power Station 2048Wh

Anker 767 Portable Power Station 2048Wh is a versatile portable battery that can charge a wide range of AC/DC compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras. With a capacity of 2048Wh, it can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously, providing you with the ports you need to charge all your devices. With Anker's portable charger, you can easily store it in your home for use as an emergency backup power during power outages, but it is recommended to turn off the control buttons after use to avoid draining the battery.

Features of Anker 767 Portable Power Station 2048Wh:

  • With InfiniPower long-lasting technology, the Anker 767 charging station is designed to last for more than a decade, even with daily use.
  • With HyperFlash technology, the Anker portable battery can be charged from 0 to 80% in just one hour.
  • The exclusive 2300W output, 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 car ports can power almost all your devices at once.
  • High-powered devices up to 3600W can be used without overloading the portable power station thanks to SurgePad technology.
  • Wherever you are, recharge your portable power station quickly, easily, and sustainably by taking advantage of the 1000W solar input capacity (solar panels sold separately).
  • An intelligent app for power control using fast and stable Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access basic information about your portable power station. Check the remaining battery life, monitor charging time, and customize power usage without the need for Wi-Fi.
  • The portable power station has a huge capacity of 2048Wh and a 2300W AC output, making it easy to power almost any device. When you need more power, expand to 4096Wh by adding an expansion battery (additional battery sold separately).
  • A portable and durable design with sturdy 4.72-inch wheels and an EasyTow handle allows you to get reliable power whenever you need it. The handle and wheels allow for smooth travel up to 125 miles (201.1 km), so there is no obstacle that can stop this portable power.
  • InfiniPower combines the high power of LiFePO4 batteries, rugged electronic components, advanced temperature control system, and shock-resistant structural design. Ensure that the designed products last for more than a decade, even with daily use at home or on the road.

Specifications of Anker 767 Portable Power Station 2048Wh:

  • Total ports: 10
  • Mobile phone application
  • Capacity: 2048Wh
  • AC output: 2300W
  • Battery type: LFP (LiFePO4) batteries
  • 3 USB-C ports
  • 2 USB-A ports
  • 3 AC outlets
  • 2 car ports
  • Battery cycle: 3000
  • UPS: 20 milliseconds
  • Discharge temperature: -4°F - 104°F / -20°C - 40°C
  • Charging temperature: 32°F - 104°F / 0°C - 40°C
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24 Reviews

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