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Wownect Portable Home LED 4K Projector Full HD 1080P [ 4500 Lumens ] With Stereo 10W Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with HDMI, PC, TV Stick, TV box, Console With 120" Projector Screen Included

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Product Description

Watching movies and TV shows has become extremely enjoyable. Invite your friends and have a fun and pleasant time with the Wownect Portable Home LED Projector With Stereo and Projector Screen Included. This projector is bright and suitable for your needs, in addition to having a very good display resolution with an included projection screen.


  • A projector made of the finest materials that are resistant to use and last long
  • A LED lamp for obtaining real and attractive colors with an actual lifespan of up to 30,000 operating hours
  • High brightness of up to 4500 lumens with improved properties to protect the viewer's eyes from strong light
  • Very good display resolution that suits all your requirements, up to 1920 * 1080
  • Contrast ratios of 2000:1 or 5000:1
  • A maximum display size of up to 300 inches with a very good projection distance
  • Automatic image enhancement feature to be able to watch old movies in high definition
  • Two USB ports with an HDMI port and several other outputs to be able to connect gaming devices or receivers and other devices
  • An advanced HI-FI sound system with a power of 10 watts
  • A 3.5mm output to be able to connect various audio devices
  • A wireless remote control device with an HDMI cable and power adapter
  • An included projection screen measuring 120 inches
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7 Reviews

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