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Wownect S1 Kids Mini Projector 30 Lumens Children Video Projector HD 1080P LCD Technology with Hi-Fi Speaker [Comes with AV / USB / Mini SD Card / HDMI / Audio ] - Green

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Product Description

Kids have always spent a long time staring at small mobile phone screens to watch different programs, but now with the latest releases from Wownect, the small screen is a thing of the past. The modern portable projector designed for children is the solution, with high-precision HD 1080P projection, advanced systems, luxurious technology, and the best materials with the latest innovations.


  • Frame made of the best durable and resistant materials
  • Clear and sharp image with a carefully calculated ratio without harming children's eyes
  • Wide projection size (almost cinema screen size)
  • Anti-reflection technology for a warmer and more comfortable image for the eyes
  • Durable for up to 20,000 hours of use
  • Compatible with all devices (TV, computers or laptops, mobile phones, Blue-ray video player, memory card, USB connection, gaming devices, media player such as music and video)
  • Manual lens focus adjustment to suit the projection location
  • 30 lumens projector with high-quality Wi-Fi technology and built-in side speaker
  • High-clarity sound for a better professional experience than regular devices
  • Matching ratio: 500:1
  • Horizontal frequency range: 15-150 kHz, vertical frequency range: 48-190 Hz
  • Video compatibility: NTSC (3.58/4.43)
  • Consideration for various display resolutions HDTV (720P,1080i, 1080P), EDTV (480p, 576p), SDTV (4801, 5761)
  • Brightness: 16W LED, stronger by 80% than other traditional small projection devices
  • Supports a large number of pixels 240 × 320 pixels

Technical Features:

  • Allowed projection distance 1M -3M
  • Projection dimensions: 40* 150inch


  • Power cord
  • Remote control
  • User manual


62 Reviews

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