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Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 Espresso Machine Made In Italy

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Product Description

Italian Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 Espresso Machine, 15 Bar, Made In Italy. This machine is part of the renowned "Classic Evo" series from Gaggia, known for delivering a distinctive espresso experience. It features a classic and elegant design, with improvements and updates for 2023. This machine offers the ability to prepare high-quality espresso using modern techniques. It comes with a variety of features, such as the filter holder, pump, and steam wand, which contribute to preparing a variety of coffee beverages.

Features of the Italian Gaggia Classic Evo 2023 Espresso Machine:

  • The Gaggia Classic Evo espresso machine, proudly designed and manufactured in Italy, embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship in coffee preparation. This machine comes as part of the prestigious "Classic Evo" series from Gaggia, known for delivering an exceptional espresso experience.
  • Equipped with a professional brass group and a stainless steel filter holder, this machine ensures precision in extracting the best flavors from coffee beans. The solenoid valve ensures consistent water pressure and reduces dripping after preparation. Thanks to Gaggia's classic boiler, the machine maintains a stable temperature for optimal brewing conditions.
  • The professional steam wand features dual steam outlets, allowing you to froth milk for exceptional smoothness, essential for preparing lattes and cappuccinos. The stainless steel body not only represents durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen countertop.
  • Operating the machine is a pleasure with traditional toggle switches, reminiscent of the timeless espresso-making process. The updated design includes modern advantages such as filters for ground coffee and pods, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.
  • The cup holder adds convenience to your coffee-making routine, keeping cups warm and ready to serve fresh espresso.


1 Reviews

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