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IMALENT SR32 120,000 lumen powerful flashlight

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Product Description

The most powerful flashlight in the world - IMALENT SR32 handheld LED flashlight, with 120,000 lumens. IMALENT SR32 is a well-designed long-range powerful flashlight featuring 32 pieces of CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED bulbs, which are among the best available LED bulbs for throwing. Simple yet effective measures have been taken to maximize the flashlight's potential, such as a high-discharge and high-capacity custom lithium-ion battery pack, a highly transparent metal coating, and an aluminum SMO reflector.

Imalent SR32 Handheld Flashlight Design

SR32 is designed to be the best long-lasting and high-intensity flashlight, making it an excellent light for emergency scenarios such as search and rescue missions. It is also a reliable torch for daily border patrols and large area lighting.

Imalent Handheld Flashlight Power

With an output of up to 120,000 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 2,080 meters, SR32 is easily the most powerful handheld flashlight with the longest throw. It is an ultra-bright flashlight with an illuminating intensity of 1,090,000 candela. When you turn on the IMALENT SR32 flashlight, the large and long-distance beam can illuminate a wide area.

Rechargeable Battery for the World's Most Powerful Handheld Flashlight

The flashlight is powered by a custom battery pack with 8 built-in rechargeable 21700 lithium-ion batteries, which can be fully charged in 90 minutes and provide up to 360 hours of usage time with each charge in the low mode, making it the best long-range handheld flashlight.

Specifications of the World's Most Powerful Handheld Flashlight - IMALENT SR32 Powerful Flashlight:

  • Brand: IMALENT
  • Product Code: SR32
  • Bulb Type: 32 pieces of American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED bulbs
  • 8-battery pack (21700 lithium-ion)
  • Light Intensity: Up to 120,000 lumens
  • Intensity: 1,090,000 candela (maximum)
  • Distance: 2,080 meters (maximum)
  • Operating Modes: Turbo / High / Mid-High / Mid-Low / Low / Ultra-Low / Moon
  • Turbo: 120,000-25,000 lumens; Runtime: 45 seconds + 45 minutes
  • High: 50,000-25,000 lumens; Runtime: 60 seconds + 50 minutes
  • Mid-High: 25,000 lumens; Runtime: 55 minutes
  • Mid-Low: 9,000 lumens; Runtime: 2 hours
  • Low: 4,500 lumens; Runtime: 4 hours and 25 minutes
  • Ultra-Low: 1,500 lumens; Runtime: 15 hours
  • Moon: 30 lumens; Runtime: 360 hours
  • Dimensions: 220mm (length) * 138mm (head diameter) * 56mm (body diameter)
  • Weight: 2,166 grams (including battery)
  • Shock Resistance: 0.5 meters
  • Waterproof: Waterproof according to IP-56 standard


5 Reviews

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