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Nanoleaf ESSENTIALS LIGHTSTRIP Starter Kit 80"/2 Meters - Smart Light Strips for Home/Office, Color Changing RGBCW, Dimmable, Bluetooth/Thread Enabled, works with Siri/Google

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Product Description

Add a touch of uniqueness to your gaming room or living room with Nanoleaf ESSENTIALS LIGHTSTRIP Starter Kit 2 Meters Smart Light. This lighting kit offers a huge number of adjustable colors with a color control program and lighting style support, with Bluetooth support.


  • Smart LED lighting panels
  • Over 16 different colors with varying brightness and saturation to suit your needs accurately
  • 2-meter adjustable light strip to suit your needs
  • The strip can be cut every 33 cm
  • 21 LED bulbs distributed per meter to generate the perfect lighting you need
  • Bluetooth support for smooth lighting control
  • A power socket with two different outputs to suit different sockets
  • An electrical strip with a length of 180 cm for smooth connection
  • The strip works with Google Assistant and other assistants
  • Very lightweight for smoother and easier installation
  • A control device to adjust the light brightness sequentially or turn the lighting on and off

Lighting Selection Methods:

  • The lighting is selected through a smartphone application, provided that the phone and lighting are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • The ability to use pre-set colors or create your own design

Box Contents:

  • 2-meter light strip
  • Power adapter with adjustable heads and a 180 cm strip
  • Color control and other settings receiver
  • Remote control device
  • User guide

Technical Specifications:

  • Light strip length: 2 meters
  • Electrical strip length: 1.8 meters
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14 Reviews

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