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Nanoleaf SHAPES Triangles Starter Kit - Smart WiFi LED Panel System w/ Music Visualizer, Instant Wall Decoration, Home or Office Use, 16M+ Colors, Low Energy Consumption - White - 9 packs

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Product Description

Illuminate your gaming room with Nanoleaf lighting and add a touch of life with the SHAPES Triangles Starter Kit - Smart WiFi LED Panel System from Nanoleaf. The Nanoleaf lighting system consists of 9 LED panels with a huge number of colors to suit all your requirements, in addition to the feature of interacting with music and sounds for greater enjoyment.

Nanoleaf Lighting Features:

  • 9 smart lighting panels powered by LED technology
  • Nanoleaf lighting contains a huge number of adjustable colors between 16 million different shades
  • Sliding connectors between the panels for smooth and efficient connection
  • Smart interaction with music or sounds played thanks to a smart receiver for greater enjoyment
  • Nanoleaf lighting has two different sockets to suit your home sockets (100VAC - 120VAC)
  • Support for smart assistants like Google Assistant and others
  • Nanoleaf lighting is extremely lightweight for smoother installation

How to Connect Nanoleaf Lighting:

  • A number of connectors are included to connect the panels together and transfer effects smoothly
  • With Nanoleaf lighting, a number of sheets are attached in a size that matches the size of the lighting panel that can be attached to the wall to adjust the desired shape
  • Ability to use the Nanoleaf app to generate shapes that suit your taste
  • The app supports virtual reality to see the shape of the lighting through your smartphone camera

Ways to Choose Nanoleaf Lighting:

  • Lighting is selected through an application that works on a smartphone provided that the phone and lighting are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • With Nanoleaf lighting, you can use pre-set colors or create your own design
  • Nanoleaf lighting has a number of interactive effects with your music available on the app, also make sure to place the sound receiver with the lighting

Nanoleaf Lighting Box Contents:

  • 9 lighting panels with 9 sheets for adjusting the shape
  • Power sockets of the (100VAC - 120VAC) model
  • 10 connectors to connect the panels together
  • Nanoleaf lighting box contains a basic control unit
  • 10 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape
  • User guide for Nanoleaf lighting

Technical Specifications for Nanoleaf Lighting:

  • Approximate dimensions of one panel of Nanoleaf lighting: 20x23x0.6 cm
  • Weight of one panel: 131 grams
  • Length of the power cable for Nanoleaf lighting: 2.5 meters
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67 Reviews

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